Welcome to Camborne North
Devon & Cornwall Police - for all Non-emergencies 101 or Textphone 18001 101

Devon & Cornwall Police - for all Non-emergencies 101 or Textphone 18001 101


Welcome to Camborne North

Your Beat Manager


There are four Neighbourhood Beat Managers that cover the areas of Camborne, Redruth, Illogan, St Day and Lanner.

They are committed to tackling issues that you as a community feel have an effect on you. This could by tackling or preventing crime and anti-social behaviour.


 The Four Neighbourhood Beat Managers are:



   PC  6516 Susan Buckley                                                                      PC 6910 Geoff Streatfield

    Based at Camborne                                                                                                       Based at Camborne


PC 2481 Mark Pearce                                                                                 PC 6976 Stuart Church

   Based at Redruth                                                                                                                            Based at Pool  


Along with the Neighbourhood Beat Managers, we have Police Community Support Officers that make up the other half of your local police team. Although the PCSO’s have their own areas of commitment they will often branch out to other areas to support objectives such as areas suffering from anti-social behaviour or to gain awareness of other areas. Therefore the PCSO’s gain an overall knowledge about most areas in which they patrol.


 The PCSO’s that are dedicated to your area are: 




PCSO 30456 Zoe Smith                                                                                                                PCSO 30641 Ashley Fuller




                                                           Neighbourhood Team Leader

                                                               PS 5629 Gavin Barnes



A message from the Neighbourhood Team Leader

2014 continues to be a busy for the Camborne Neighbourhood Team particularly with our partnership work aimed at dealing with alcohol related disorder in and around the town centre. This remains an important focus of our work as the violence with injury type of offence often associated with alcohol is a crime category that others in the community can also help reduce. We are fortunate in Camborne that we have a strong and influential Pubwatch scheme attended and run by those that work in the licensing trade. In addition we have received significant support for our work by both our national and independent off-licensed premises.

High visibility foot patrols across the Camborne North, West and South beat areas continue with the neighbourhood officers aware that the communities like to see officers out and about as often as possible. These patrols provide an excellent opportunity for officers to meet people from our neighbourhood beat areas so next time you see us out and about please feel free to stop us and have a chat.

Another area of our work that continues to dominate is our ongoing work with statutory and voluntary partners in dealing with issues of vulnerability occasionally although not specifically associated with homelessness. Fortunately, this winter (so far) has been relatively mild and where we see an opportunity to assist, neighbourhood officers will work with our partner agencies and organisations to help reduce harm. Looking forward to the rest of 2014 then retail theft will become an increasing focus of our work in and around the town centre. Meat products are high on the list of target items and the police are keen to work with the retail sector to encourage more effective crime prevention measures where that may be necessary.

If you wish to speak with me or any other member of the Camborne Police Neighbourhood Team or have information that may assist us with our work please contact the team via the details on this page

Neighbourhood Team Leader - Camborne


If you would like to help us prioritise work in your neighbourhood, tell us your priorities online or come and join us at one of our regular events or meetings.

Active Priorities

Our top priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

General Anti Social Behaviour in town and surrounding area

You Said: 1 Jun 2014

You have shared you concerns to the neighbourhood policing teams that there are a number of individuals in the town centre area of Camborne that are having a serious detrimental effect on the town, most noticibly in and around the Square. Most these people are involved in street drinking and general anti social behaviour. The Police also receive alot of complaints from Tesco, Wesley Street, Camborne regarding youths hanging around at the front of the store being abusive and intimidating to shoppers.

So far we have:

The neighbourhood team have responded to these concerns by using anti social behaviour legislation in order to stop this negative behaviour. The use of ASB Warnings have increased, but seen to curb the behaviour of those causing an annoyance. These warnings last for a set period of time and highlight the behaviour of the individual. Should their behaviour then escalate then so shall the level of sanction given to them via the ASB escalation process.
The police are also using powers given to them to disperse any individuals involved in ASB for a period of up to 48 hours. Should they return to the area within a given time they can then arrested. This tool is very affecting in removal those likely to cause ASB from a designated area for a set period of time.

The team has also worked hard in order to secure Drink Banning Orders (DBO) on individuals due to their excessive and abusive drinking behaviour within the town. The team’s hard work has also made one person the subject of the Habitual Drunkards Act, which is very old and hard to use legislation.


We have begun a robust approach to nuisance behaviour, and as a result have begun to serve ASB Warnings to a mutlitude of indiviudals. Research has shown that 65% of adults and 75% under 18 in Cornwall are not reported for further ASB related incidences in the three months the warning is in force.



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If you would like to help us prioritise work in your neighbourhood, tell us your priorities online or come and join us at one of our regular events or meetings.

Resolved Priorities

Recently resolved priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Foreign vehicles

You Said: 8 Oct 2013

There are concerns from the public about vehicles used by foreign nationals who work in and around the Camborne area.

We Did: 31 May 2014

The increase of foreign plated vehicles is due in part to the height of the daffodil season that sees vast numbers come to the area to work during the start of the year. Due to the picking season only lasting a few short months, this sees most return to their respective home country with car in tow. However the vehicles are allowed in the country for 6 months before it has to be registered with the DVLA. In this time they can return to their home country with their vehicle, to which the time will reset itself allowing them 6 months grace again should they return to the UK. To try and regulate this activity is extremely difficult.
However in light of the concerns raised we aimed to deal with these vehicles as best we can. As part of Migrant Worker Action Group (MIGWAG) week, a road traffic operation was set up in two locations and on two separate days solely with the purpose of pulling these vehicles in. Our aim was to check their road worthiness and documentation with the help of agencies such as VOSA. On one location alone 39 vehicles were stopped. The operation was extremely successful, and we aim to continue to identify those vehicles that cause a problem on our roads.

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Your Team

Individual Team Members

  • PS Gavin Barnes


    Gavin Barnes


  • PC Geoff Streatfield


    Geoff Streatfield


  • PC Susan Buckley


    Susan Buckley


  • PCSO Zoe Smith


    Zoe Smith


  • PCSO Ashley Fuller


    Ashley Fuller


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Meetings and Events

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About Your Neighbourhood

Welcome to the Camborne North Neighbourhood. The neighbourhood has a population of approximately 7000 residents and has a mixture of residential and commercial premises. The Camborne North patch covers from East Hill at Tuckingmill out as far as Roseland Park and up to the border of Pengegon. Camborne Town centre sits within the Camborne North Neighbourhood and has both a daytime and night time economy with pubs, late night bars and late night refreshment establishments.

The Neighbourhood has a relatively low level of crime when compared to other parts of the country and the population is made up of residents from a cross section of different age ranges, genders and cultures.

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