Welcome to Teignmouth
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Welcome to Teignmouth

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Teignmouth Neighbourhood Policing Team is split into two teams covering Teignmouth West and Teignmouth Town/East.

Teignmouth West Team consists of PC Phil Colley and Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Saul Bunce. Both Phil and Saul have policed this Neighbourhood for several years and know the community well.

The aim of the team is to focus on areas of crime that matter to the community, which at present is anti social behaviour and damage. By working in partnership with other agencies they aim to reduce this type of crime and reduce the fear of crime. Recently Devon and Cornwall Constabulary have in partnership with Teign Housing opened a community office, which incorporates a police office.

Teignmouth Town/East Neighbourhood Policing Team consists of PC Chris Armes with PCSO's Liz Francis, Kelly Beer and Michelle Buckley. The team are focused on reducing anti social behaviour in the town centre and the Den, along with reducing crime within the neighbourhood by high visibility patrols and target hardening the vulnerable. Teignmouth is a low crime area and a very safe place to live, but if you have any concerns regarding issues in your community please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to contact your Neighbourhood Team please click on the email link within the right-hand-column. Please remember to leave your contact details so that we can get back to you.

If you would like to help us prioritise work in your neighbourhood, tell us your priorities online or come and join us at one of our regular events or meetings.

Active Priorities

Our top priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Damage to motor vehicles

You Said: 11 Mar 2014

There has been a recent incident relating to damage of motor vehicles in West Teignmouth over the past few days. On the 09/03/2014 Police were called to eight cars being damaged in the areas of Bitton Park Road, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Mill Lane and Lower Kingsdown Road. Contact was made to the Neighbourhood Policing Team where many concerns were expressed.

So far we have:

The Police immediately began an investigation in to this crime and arrested a suspect on suspicion of causing the damage. The individual has been interviewed and bailed to appear back at Torquay Police Station in April pending further inquiries.

High visibility patrols have been carried out in those areas to provide reassurance and further statements taken.

Local residents and businesses have worked with the Police which has resulted postive action at an early stage.

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Anti Social Behaviour in the town centre

You Said: 27 Nov 2013

A number of local residents have expressed concerns regarding middle aged persons drinking in and around the town centre, causing a noise and being a general nuisance. This appears to be limited to certain roads and streets which the Neighbourhood Policing Team are very aware of. These persons gather at particular addresses and drink most of the day.

So far we have:

Over recent months a number of individuals have been dealt for this type of continued behaviour which has resulted in prison sentences for some and evictions for others. Work has been carried out along with the crime reduction unit and housing associations to tackle these issues. Reports have already dropped but the work continues.

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You Said: 27 Nov 2013

Shop lifting offences in the town centre of Teignmouth is a concern at this time. Particular areas being targeted are the main convenience stores.

In addition to this three cycles have also been stolen.

So far we have:

The Neighbourhood Policing Team are patrolling the town centre to tackle this issue and provide reassurance to the public. Posters have been given to local shops which are now being displayed. Meetings have also taken place to promote crime prevention. Any local person seeing something suspicious is asked to report the matter to the Police or being it to the attention of shop staff.

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If you would like to help us prioritise work in your neighbourhood, tell us your priorities online or come and join us at one of our regular events or meetings.

Resolved Priorities

Recently resolved priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

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    Your Team

    Individual Team Members

    • PC Phillip Colley


      Phillip Colley


    • PCSO Saul Bruce


      Saul Bruce


    • PCSO Liz Francis


      Liz Francis


    • PS Segil Zulhayir


      Segil Zulhayir


    • PCSO Kelly Beer


      Kelly Beer


    • PCSO Michelle Buckley


      Michelle Buckley


    • PC Chris Armes


      Chris Armes


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    Meetings and Events

    Date Title Location Time
    28 Oct 2014 West Teignmouth Police Surgery 65 Kingsway 00:00

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    About Your Neighbourhood

    Teignmouth has a population of 15,000 people spread over a wide area, which is fairly diverse in its background.

    Teignmouth has developed over the years from a small fishing port into a vibrant town with numerous public houses, restaurants and shops.

    The seafront draws people from nearby Teignmouth frontcommunities and holidaymakers from further afield to the area to make use of the play parks, adventure golf, beaches and the Den.

    For more information click on the picture.

    The Teignmouth Neighbourhood Policing Team consists of Sergeant Segil Zulhayir, PC Phil Colley, PC Chris Armes and PCSO's Saul Bunce, Liz Francis, Kelly Beer and Michelle Buckley.

    Teignmouth harbour

    For more information on click on the Teignmouth Harbour..

    The Neighbourhood Team is based at Teignmouth police station and we work alongside the community and other agencies to deal with issues collectively in order to solve them by way of long-term solutions.

    We are also focused on responding to incidents of antisocial behaviour and criminal damage but it is worth remembering that Teignmouth is one of the safest places to live in the country with levels of crime being very low compared to other areas.

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