Welcome to Salcombe
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Welcome to Salcombe

Your Beat Manager

PC Jo Pengilly

I am really thrilled to have taken over the Salcombe beat which include many beautiful places including Bantham, Thurlstone and Hope Cove from PC Steve Mullen. I joined Devon and Cornwall Constabulary in 2007 after spending ten years policing with Avon and Somerset Constabulary where I was a member of the response team and spent four years as a member of the neighbourhood team for Taunton town centre, with experience also of being on the targeting team.

Since transferring I have been based on the response team at Kingsbridge Police Station, I enjoy the uniform side of Policing being part of the community and being out and about talking and seeing people. I have a very keen interest in solving your problems so please approach me with any concerns you may have whether it is to do with Crime or Anti-social behaviour in your area, and please feel free to pass on any information to myself or Dave if you feel that there may be illegal activities (such as drugs) occurring in your area, this can be disclosed anonymously if you would prefer.

I am looking forward to this role and welcome anyone to contact me either via 101 or the website if you have any issues, problems or ideas for initiatives to enhance this beautiful part of the country. Please feel free also to leave a message at the Harbour Office in Salcombe, where Dave and I will sometimes be.

Look forward to working with you all.

Other team members are PCSO Dave Gibson. Dave joined the team in 2009 from Torbay. Dave is a keen cyclist and can often be seen cycling our beat. If you see Dave please take the time to stop and have a chat. Or better still come along to one of the street surgeries as listed in the Meetings and Events section at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to contact your local Neighbourhood Team please click on the email link within the right-hand-column. Please remember to leave your contact details so that we can get back to you.


PCSO Paul O'Dwyer Devon Cadet Lead

Paul is responsible for all Kingsbridge cadet activities which draw on young people from around this area. He is also a fully operational PCSO providing cover for the Salcombe neighbourhood team.

If you would like to help us prioritise work in your neighbourhood, tell us your priorities online or come and join us at one of our regular events or meetings.

Active Priorities

Our top priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

July road policing theme

You Said: 1 Jul 2014

Kingsbridge police are supporting the national police road safety theme throughout July of Scooter and motorcycle safety. Nationally such vehicles account for only 2% of vehicles on the road, yet collisions involving them account for over 20% of persons killed or seriously injured.. This is a disproportionate representation and it is important for police to work with this group to improve attitudes towards safety on the roads.

Whilst speed is one of the primary causes of fatal or seriously injured collisions, loss of control is also a factor for motorcycles. Improving riding standards is crucial and the police service engages with the motorcycle community through various methods, including the ACPO Bikesafe initiative providing assessed ‘ride outs’ and signposting to further training opportunities.

During the summer months, increasing numbers of pleasure riders take to the roads with many coming to the South West to enjoy the sights and roads across the area. It is important for motorcyclists at all times to remember that they are vulnerable to patches of loose gravel, pot holes, oil, water, mud or manure on the road surface. All of these things are common place on the roads of Devon, and rural roads may not always be maintained to the same standard as those in more urban areas. Please take care and ease off that throttle.


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Parking in Cumber Close,Malborough

You Said: 10 May 2014

We have recieved reports of inconsiderate parking from residents-with vehicles left parked in the turning bay and parked in such a manner that emergency vehicles have been unable to access properties

So far we have:

we are aware that  parking space is at a premium in this location, however we would appeal to residents and visitors to park sensibly and not block the turning area which is clearly signed-

advice notices have been issued and a letter drop will take place

- we will however issue enforcement where this advice goes unheeded

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Heating oil thefts

You Said: 9 Mar 2014

Police have recieved three recent reports of fuel being siphoned from external tanks in the Thurlestone area

So far we have:

Officers have been briefed to conduct stop checks on vehicles in the area - particularly during quiet hours

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You Said: 22 Jan 2014

Vehicles driving at speed and in convoy along the A381 using it as a race track, what are we doing about this?

So far we have:

Over the past weekend a handful of drivers have been identified as being responsible for driving along the A381 between Kingsbridge and Salcombe in convoy and at speed. 

 Following a collision within the past week on this road, when weather conditions were awful,  two teenagers were lucky to avoid serious injury in this collision, it has disheartened us to find that associated parties were still over the weekend driving in an anti-social manner.  So far one driver has been reported for driving without due care and attention narrowly evading causing a further collision in front of the Police Car, section 59 notices are about to be issued to other members of a small group who are driving in convoy which will allow Police to seize their vehicles if they should commit a further offence of driving in an anti-social manner. 

 Particular attention to this location will continue.

 We would like to remind all road users of Road Safety.  Traffic operations will continue throughout the year and we will be running speed checks as well.

We place a particular plea to persons who witness vehicles driving in an anti-social manner to report it to the Police so we can ensure that positive action is taken, to increase the safety on our roads.

May we remind all drivers that if you are still in the first two years of holding your Full Licence then SIX points will lead you to disqualification.   DUE CARE/DANGEROUS/CARELESS and INCONSIDERATE have a penalty of Up to SIX POINTS in one hit so that will be your licence gone.  THINK before you DRIVE!

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You Said: 15 Jan 2014

Poilice have been recieving recent reports of motorists ignoring 30mph restriction on the A379 through the village


We will be monitoring speed and also the no right turn restriction joining the A379 from Pump Lane


offenders can expect to be prosecuted

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Thefts from Building/Construction Sites

You Said: 15 Nov 2013

There has recently been some thefts from building/construction sites in the Salcombe area.  We have been asked to place something on our web page to help make people aware.

So far we have:

Crime prevention advise is always availabale to members of the Community whether it is busnesses construction sites or private dwellings. We are very happy to visit places to have a look and give advise please contact us via this web site, email or by phone and we will give you a call back and make an appointment.

Please can we ask all of you to be very vidulent, with what is happening around you, if you see anyone acting suspiciously or moving things from Building sites when perhaps they shouldn't be there please report this, if possible take down registration numbers descriptions clearly without placing yourselves in danger.  Pass on these details and if you really do believe a crime is occurring in front of you no one will criticise you from ringing 999.

The items that have been stolen so far would need a large vehicle with strong people or machinery to lift them so please listen out.

We will welcome any information on these thefts, and also any information in reference to suspicious behaviour in our community.  If you hear of any building materials being sold cheaply, maybe this will be linked to the thefts!.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 101 or Crimestoppers.

This will be an ongoing priority for us with patrols around the sites that we know of, so please if you are intending on building/constructing and would like some crime prevention advise give me or Dave a call.

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Marine Crime

You Said: 18 Oct 2013

Now with boats being brought in for cleaning and winter storage  How can you prevent your boats and items upon them being stolen or damaged

So far we have:

Provide crime prevention advice if required

Encourage all persons to mark their property

Ensure you have recorded all serial numbers and identifiable marks upon your property

Ensure that you are aware where your boat is being stored and the security of that storage facility

Police will patrol storage units however it is important that those units consider their security cctv alarms security private security patrols regular checks of the premises and contents we intend to visit units to advice in preparation of the winter months

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Building sites or properties being refurbished

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If you would like to help us prioritise work in your neighbourhood, tell us your priorities online or come and join us at one of our regular events or meetings.

Resolved Priorities

Recently resolved priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

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    Your Team

    The Salcombe team

    Individual Team Members

    • PCSO David Gibson


      David Gibson


    • PS Dave Green


      Dave Green


    • PC Jo Pengilly


      Jo Pengilly


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    About Your Neighbourhood

    Salcombe a view taken form the sea

    Located on the South coast of Devon, Salcombe is equidistant from Plymouth, Torbay and the A38. It has a population of approximately 1,500, which increases considerably during the summer months.

    Ours is one of four Neighbourhood Teams, which are supervised by Sergeant Dave Green of Kingsbridge Police Station. The Salcombe Neighbourhood Team is based at Salcombe Harbour Office , which can be found in Whitestrand Car Park.

    In addition to Salcombe Town, we also have responsibility for the rural communities of Malborough, South Huish, South Milton, Thurlestone, West Alvington and Churchstow.

    Salcombe is a safe place to live with the likelihood of being a victim of crime falling well below the national average. In addition, incidents of serious crime are very low indeed.

    The main problems are incidents of antisocial behaviour and inappropriate consumption of alcohol in public places, which take place mainly in the summer months. In addition, there is some concern about fear of crime in the area and theft of marine equipment (marine crime), which we also aim to address.

    We attend a number of Town and Parish Council meetings throughout the year and are also regular visitors to various coffee mornings where people have a chance to discuss any issues with us.

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